5 Beauty Hacks for Girls Who Are Bad With Makeup


Because it’s definitely not as easy as all those online how-to videos make it seem.


(SPOT.ph) For many girls, no matter how many primo products they have on hand, or how many makeup tutorial videos they binge-watch, the art of putting on makeup can still be difficult to master.

But it’s not impossible. And sometimes, all you need are few good hacks to get you started. If you’re a makeup noob and you want to level up your game, here are tips you can try:


Get color-matched at the beauty counter.

When buying makeup, ask the attendant to help you find the shades that will suit your skin color. Even if your application skills aren’t that refined, at least the colors are a match.


Use only one shade of eyeshadow.

Multiple shades require you to take all the different colors, textures, finishes, and even your eye shape into consideration.

Pro-tip: Use peach eyeshadow for that kyeopta look, or a gray eyeshadow for after-work drinks.


Blend, blend, blend.

The goal is to not have any streaks or sharp lines on your face-except when it comes to eyeliner and lipstick, of course.


Use mascara on your lashes.

A flick or two can instantly make you look more fresh and awake. Just make sure to reach for a mascara with a waterproof formula so you don’t end up with raccoon eyes at the end of the day.


When all else fails, swipe in some lipstick.

Next time you’re in a rush don’t have time to do a full look, just dab on some powder for a neutral base, define your eyebrows a bit, then swipe on a bold lippie- you’ll look presentable even with a minimal makeup elsewhere on your face.

One product that’ll work for girls on the go is Careline Matte Liquid Lipstick. The ultra-pigmented, creamy lippie boasts an easy-to-apply formula that makes it a breeze to pull off. The line come in 12 shades from wearable pinks to edgy blues and purples. Each one only costs P210, which means you can hoard them and have one for every occasion.

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