Learn 5 essential makeup tricks from Andrea Brillantes



Bet mo ba ang look ni Andrea? Here’s how you can do it yourself!

Andrea Brillantes was introduced to the wonders of make-up at an early age. She was around 13 when she started doing her own make-up for shows and video tutorials on YouTube.

For the star of one of the hottest afternoon series, make-up is a form of art, which does not just enhance beauty, but boosts her confidence, too.

“For me, make-up isn’t [just] make-up. It’s an extension of who I am. It makes me feel confident and helps me look my best at all times,” Andrea says.

“It’s another form of art that I learned by myself. It’s also one of my favorite pastimes.”

So, it was not surprising that at the age of 16, Andrea becomes the youngest Pinoy artist to have her own make-up line as she launches Blythe by Careline, a collection of lightweight, multi-use, and affordable cosmetics for the lips, face, and eyes.

She also revealed her personal tricks to creating her signature fresh look using Blythe by Careline cosmetics:


“I think my brows are one of the things that set me apart from other actresses,” Andrea says. “[So] I make sure that I always have groomed and full brows.”

To keep her kilay looking naturally full yet well-groomed, Andrea uses the Blythe Perfect Brow Trio. It’s a three-in-one pencil, powder, and gel to easily outline, fill in, and define the brows.


Andrea’s secret to perfectly flushed cheeks? The “drunk blush.” Popularized by a Japanese makeup artist, it was inspired by the way our skin would naturally flush after having a bit of booze.

According to the actress, she never leaves home without blush on her cheeks.

“I always, always do the drunk blush. I think doing this technique is very youthful and also highlights my morena skin. I love to use either the Careline Oil Control Blush-Onor the Blythe Cloud Tint since I can match the shade to my lips, too,” says Andrea.

Using the Cloud Tint, Andrea advises to dot the product on the cheeks and on the center of the nose bridge, and blend for that naturally sunkissed look.

Oh, and this velvety and versatile product can also be used as an eyeshadow and a lipstick!


Andrea swears by highlighters. To get an instant glow, she brushes it on her cheekbones, the tip of her nose, collarbone, and shoulders.

“I love how my Blythe Stardust Palette has three highlighter shades that you can use alone or together. [It] also works for different skin tones,” she says.

“My personal favorite is the champagne color in the middle because it looks so natural with my tan skin.”


Andrea has mastered the “no make-up” make-up look with some help from a brown eyeliner.

“If you want a subtle eyeliner, use brown instead of black. The Blythe Eyeliner Duo in Falling Star (brown) is the one that I use since it’s waterproof and smudge-proof,” she advises.


To complete her look, Andrea overlines her pout before putting on a few swipes of lipstick.

“I overline lipstick since it creates the illusion of fuller-looking lips,” she says, adding, “I love that the Blythe Majestic Matte and Stellar Satin lipsticks are both very easy to use, glide smoothly, very pigmented, and easy to blend.”

Andrea hopes that with Blythe by Careline, fellow make-up lovers and newbies will find the same joy she’s found through playing around with make-up and figuring out what works best for her.

“This collection is for young women who want to explore the world of make-up, make-up enthusiasts, and make-up lovers,” says Andrea.

“Make-up should always be fun! Don’t mind what other people tell you. Do whatever makes you feel confident and at your 101 percent.”

Find out more by visiting Careline’s official website and following Blythe by Careline Cosmetics on Facebook and Instagram. The complete collection is now exclusively available at selected Careline counters in leading drugstores and department stores nationwide, and on Shopee and Lazada.