New Careline Matte Liquid Lipsticks


Just months after releasing the Careline Matte Liquid Lippies, Careline has launched a new line of Careline Matte Liquid Lipsticks which come in twelve beautiful shades. The announcement of the product teaser also coincides with Careline Cosmetics’ brand makeover.

Gone will be the days of super cutesy makeup concepts. What to expect from Careline instead are trendier and bolder items, aligned with the rebranded slogan, Better than Basic.

The Careline Liquid Lipstick is the first product developed under Careline’s new image. It is paraben free. The packaging strongly resonates with popular American online brand, Colourpop.

The tube is sturdy and has a doe foot applicator. You can feel a slight bounce when pulling out the the wand and when returning it to the container.
Unlike the Careline Liquid Lippie, the formulation of this new line is not moussey. It is lighter in consistency, and also dries much faster. Once set, it is completely matte, transfer proof, and water proof! It is opaque at first swipe, but would need one or two layers to fully color the lips.

Surprisingly, it is the neutral and lighter toned shades that are quicker to fill the lips. Whereas the darker, bolder toned shades such as Dark Matter and Wall Flower appear thinner in texture upon initial application. Since it is buildable, it allows the user to have better control of fluid output. This is significantly helpful to avoid dispensing pigment that is too intimidating for one’s personal liking.

From left to right: Semi-Sweet, Gotta Go, Glaze, Normcore, Tutu, Brick’D, Craving, Upper Hand, Dark Matter, Wall Flower, Pop, In Bloom

The lipsticks are so long wearing it even astonishes me! This morning I applied the following Careline Liquid Lipsticks on my face: Craving as eyeshadow on my eyelids, Semi-Sweet to slightly contour my nose and cheeks, and Gotta Go on my lips.

I first put on my makeup at 9am this morning, and had not retouched at all when I took the selfie below at 5pm.

In between, I had wonton soup at 9:30am, chili beef stew, macaroni salad and cake at 12 noon for lunch, and did river rafting from 1pm to 4:45pm where my face was literally splashed multiple times by wild rapids! And somehow, my makeup is still completely in tact! This is how I became immensely convinced and impressed by the Careline Liquid Lipstick’s staying power.

Aside from its texture, opacity, and longevity, I also enjoy mixing up shades with this line. With the Careline Liquid Lippies, it was essential that colors were combined before the product has set as blending shades afterwards would result to caking, and just unattractive dry lips.

On the other hand, since the new Careline Matte Liquid Lipsticks are thinner in consistency, layering over dried lipstick can only generate numerous more Pantone possibilities!


(c) Denice Sy