Perfect brows for beginners, done in two easy ways


Your brows can make or break your entire look. Just like shoes are to an outfit, brows can be what punctuates your look.

Your eyebrows frame your entire face, so finding the right shape and finish that works for it is key.

There are many trendy brow shapes and finishes that can work for a variety of face shapes: bushy and unkempt, strong and polished, or light and feathery.

All of these brows are on-trend, and can work for a lot of face shapes. Some ladies are a little more adventurous and choose to go the temporary tattoo route, but for the rest of us who want to play it safe, good ‘ol brow products can do the trick!

We may not be pro makeup artists, but we can strive to perfect our brows with a little help from the latest and the best brow products out there in the market. Among our latest finds, one of the top ones is Careline’s Best Brow Liner—a pick that gets the job done easily, and well!

Careline Best Brow Liner, P165, Watsons

Sparse brows? Don’t fret! This wonder product is made for the thinnest brows, to make sure spaces are filled with hair-like stands created with just a couple of strokes. It has a creamy finish to ensure the finish looks natural. As for the next step, this retractable liner is lightweight, easy to hold, and has a spoolie brush on the other end to help blend further. It comes in two flattering shades: taupe and brunette.

Now you have no reason not to pay attention to those brows! Two easy steps, one affordable product, and you’re all set.