• Strobe Stick
  • Blur Stick
  • Brighten Stick
  • Contour Stick
  • Peach Stick
  • Rose Stick
  • Flush Stick
  • Beam Stick
  • Coral Stick
  • Berry Stick

Multi Sticks

Strobe Stick P199

Remarkable sticks made to blur, correct, conceal, contour, highlight and add blush that comes in a creamy formula that lasts long without clogging your pores. Careline Multi-Sticks is paraben and cruelty-free.



Blur Stick – Serves as primer and pore minimizer.

Brighten Stick – Can be used as a concealer or cream foundation.

Contour Stick – Used for sculpting face and creating the illusion of depth to let your best features stand out.

Rose Stick and Peach Stick – Main use is to add blush on cheeks for a subtle, rosy glow but can also be used to color-correct dark areas on face.

Strobe Stick – Serves as a highlighter that melts into skin for a weightless feel. Ultrafine, creamy particles help skin look lit with a natural-looking glow.

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